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Softball at the Point

New FREE Mental Training Seminar for Coaches and Athletics Personnel

Mindset and mental performance may be more important now than ever before!

A pandemic, social injustice and unrest, a complete disruption to our routines, athletes at home, seasons hanging in the balance, a year of experience lost, budgets cut, staff members lost, a loss of life that continues to mount, new rules to follow…what else can we add to the list of issues we, along with our athletes, are facing on a daily basis? 

The big question is, how will our athletes respond?  How can we help them grow and improve through all the things on this list, aside from all the issues they face as young adults and athletes?

Join former Division I head coach and Positive Performance© Certified Mindset Coach™,  Visualization Specialist and MPM Certified Coach, Julie Jones, to talk about a few simple exercises you can do with your athletes to help them win the mental game and move them toward a positive mindset.

Tuesday, July 21st at 12:30pm EST

Tuesday, July 21st, 2020

Who: Coaches & Athletics Staff
Time: 12:30pm EST
Cost: FREE